Thoren Bradley Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Bio & Wiki

Thoren Bradley is different from most social media stars. Instead of sharing selfies and dance videos, he posts videos of himself chopping wood with an axe in various weather and places. His videos are captivating, fulfilling, and at times funny, revealing his talent, power, and love for the outdoors. His nature and fitness videos made him popular, with more than 9 million followers on his TikTok account @bradley.thor and over 635k subscribers to his YouTube channel named Thoren.

Thoren Bradley Biography / Wiki

Thoren Bradley was born on August 3, 1992, in Groveland, California. He is an American social media star known for the mystery around his religious beliefs. Thoren is also a health and fitness influencer, content creator, strength coach, and personal trainer. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in exercise physiology from the University of the Pacific. Thoren stands out for both his fitness skills and academic success in the vast world of social media.

Thoren Bradley Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth, Bio & Wiki
Real Name:Thoren Bradley
Nick Name:Thoren
Profession:YouTuber & Social Media Star
Age (as of 2023):31 years old
Date of Birth:August 3, 1992
Place of Birth:Groveland, California, United States
Hometown:Groveland, California, United States
Zodiac Sign:Leo
School / College:University of Pacific in Stockton, California
Hobbies:Chopping wood
Known as:Social Media Star

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Early Life & Family

Thoren Bradley was raised with three siblings; he shares a special connection with his sister, Britt Bradley. Thoren’s passion for nature and outdoor adventures started early in his life.

Thoren learned woodworking and wood-chopping skills from his father, James “Steve” Stephen Bradley, a firefighter. His mother, Sandy Bradley, a homemaker and gardener, supported Thoren in following his passions. Thoren’s father’s passing at age 60 on July 17, 2006, deeply influenced his journey and choices in life.

Thoren went to Westwood’s Grammar School in Northleach, Gloucestershire. He did well in studies and sports, liking science, math, and physical education. In 2010, he finished high school and joined the University of Pacific in Stockton, California, choosing diversified education as his major.

Thoren played football as a defensive lineman and joined the Sigma Chi fraternity at the University of Pacific. In 2014, he got his bachelor’s degree and stayed for a master’s in exercise physiology, finishing in 2016. Thoren then got certified as a strength and conditioning specialist.

Thoren Bradley Age, Height & More

At 31 years old in 2023, Thoren Bradley stands at about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 76 kg. With deep brown eyes, brown hair, and size 8 (US) shoes, he embodies a grounded presence. Known for his social media stardom and fitness influence, Thoren is a dynamic individual blending charisma and expertise in both digital and physical realms.

Age:31 years old
Height:5 feet 9 inches
Weight:76 kg
Eyes color:Brown
Hair color:Brown
Shoe size:8 (US)
Body Measurements;update soon

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Thoren Bradley Wife

He is happily married to Angelique Bradley, who works as both a real estate agent and an interior designer. They met in 2016 while Thoren was house-hunting in Groveland. Angelique showed him the property, they clicked, started dating in 2017, and got engaged in October 2021.

They got married in a fancy ceremony in Groveland in November 2021. Now, they live in a pretty house there with a big backyard, a fire pit, a grill, and a woodshed. They own two dogs: a golden retriever named Thor and a husky named Loki.

Thoren Bradley and Angelique are a caring couple who love being together and doing lots of fun things. They travel to cool spots like San Francisco, New York, Hawaii, and Italy. They visit family and friends often and have a blast celebrating special days with them. Both are into staying active, being outdoorsy, and keeping fit.

They’re big on humor and playfulness, always pulling pranks and cracking jokes. They’re super real about their love, sharing sweet and funny photos and videos online. Their fans totally love them and the magic of their bond.


After Thoren Bradley completed his studies, he coached athletes at a university and worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in gyms and studios.

With experience in tactical training and NCAA Division I strength and conditioning, Thoren loved assisting others in getting healthier and fitter. He was also a successful natural bodybuilder, winning many competitions.

Thoren switched gears and became a creator online. He began sharing videos on TikTok showing him chopping wood with an axe, inspired by his dad, who did the same for their fireplace and woodworking.

Thoren aimed to honor his father by showcasing their shared hobby worldwide. He also wanted to demonstrate the benefits of wood chopping, like getting healthier, burning calories, gaining muscle, and reducing stress.

Thoren Bradley’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Thoren Bradley has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. He makes money from social media, sponsorships, merchandise, personal training, investments, and real estate. Thoren is good at managing money and enjoys a lavish life.

He enjoys helping his community and giving to charities like the American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and National Forest Foundation. Thoren donates money and resources to support their causes.


  • He married Angelique Bradley in 2021.
  • Thoren attends the University of Pacific in Stockton, California.
  • He has 1.6 million followers on Instagram as of February 2024.
  • He has 635k subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • He has several tattoos on his body and arms.


Is Thoren Bradley married?

Yes! he is a married person.

Who is Thoren Bradley’s wife?

Angelique Bradley

How old is Thoren Bradley?

He is 31 years old as of 2023.


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