Who is Tana Mundkowsky: A Glimpse into Brandon Flowers Wife

Tana Mundkowsky, also known as Tana Flowers, is a former retail store manager who was also a teacher. But, Tana only came to notoriety after her marriage with Brandon Flowers, lead singer of the rock band The Killers. Brandon Flowers is also The Killers’ keyboardist.

They have been together for at least ten years. They are blessed with three kids. Despite their happy marriage, they have endured ups and downs over the decades. Brendon Flutter’s wife, Tana, is a long-time sufferer with Complex PTSD that stems from numerous horrific experiences from childhood until adulthood.

Tana Mundkowsky

In addition to this, We will also tell you more about the life of Tana, such as her love for knits and her love of animals. Let’s get started!

Who is Tana Mundkowsky? Her age and early life

Tana Mundkowsky is famous as the wife of rock star Brendon Flutters. For her birth date, Mundkowski was born in the same year that her husband was born, Floutiss. By 2022, she’ll be 40 years old.

While her parents haven’t yet been disclosed, She has an older brother named Torey Mundkowski, and he is an artist.

Tana Mundkowsky was born in the United States of America. 

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What is Tana Mundkowsky up to currently? Her Career

Before that, Tana Mundkowsky worked for the American designer Betsey Johnson. She also served as a store manager in Urban Outfitters, a fashion clothing store in Flowers, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A little about her work experience: Mundkowski was also once an educator at a school.

Furthermore, Tana is a passionate knitter. Tana even says as a knitter on her Instagram profile, “I knit with a passion.”

Tana Mundkowsky and Her Future husband Brandon were introduced in their 20s.

The former retail manager was able to meet her boyfriend at the time, Fish, on January 1, 2001, at Buffalo Exchange on Flamingo Road in Las Vegas. When they had the first time they met, they each just turned 20. The singer who led the group The Killer was in the shop with his co-star Dave to buy equipment for their debut gig.


At that point, Flowers noticed a girl in an unofficial Joy Division T-shirt with Mickey Mouse and pink tracksuit bottoms. The girl was Tana, and later, she was my bride. At first, Brendon was convinced that the woman was remarkable enough for him, and he thought he’d enjoy a lot more with her.

He said,


In the past, Mundkowski had been working with the famous design guru Betsy Johnson. However, after the conversation, she gave him her number.

The singer once said,

“She wrote her number down and gave it to me.”

He later admitted the time was not long enough and called her the following evening.

Then, they went on an initial date. When they discussed the first time they met, Tana recalled that her partner “took me out to the record store all night and questioned me on different artists, ranging from Bowie and the Smiths to Leonard Cohen. When I explained to him that I had an imported version of an album by Bowie album, he was a bit skeptical.”

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Tana is also A Music Lover.

Much like the man she shares with, Tana Mundkowsky shares a passion for music. The first time they met, she would play him Tom Waits’ “Ruby’s Arms” while driving along Las Vegas. Flowers speaks about their love for music.

“My wife and I were able to bond over this song the first time we got to know each other.”

He also claimed that they both cried while driving.

Tana Mundkowsky and Brandon Flowers Marriage Ceremony

After a relationship of about 4 years, Brendon and Tana exchanged vows on 2nd August, 2005. Their wedding was a “small intimate ceremony” celebration on the beautiful island of O’ahu in Hawaii. A representative from The Killers and his band members Mark, Dave, and Ronnie were among the guests who attended the event.

After the wedding, they moved to their new home in Henderson, about 10 miles from the Las Vegas strip. Then they purchased their own house in the snowy mountains that are Park City, Utah, and they are there currently.

Tana Mundkowsky has Three Kids With Her Husband.

Mundkowsky is a proud mom of three kids and is raised alongside her husband. They welcomed their baby, Amon, on July 14, 2007. Their second son, Gunner, was born on July 28, 2009. On March 9, 2011, Brendon Flutter’s wife, Tana, gave birth to their third son, Henry.

Tana-And-Husband with kids

In 2010, the singer admitted to The Daily Mail that he planned to cut back on his touring schedule to spend more time with his three children.

“I enjoy music but would like to spend more time with my children. I’d love to be present as they begin school.”

Tana can be described as an Animal Lover.

When he became married to Flowers, and she got married, she began with two puppies. One was named Nikita and the other a poodle. She frequently shares pictures of her pups through her Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Her Charity Works

Through the decades, Tana has been involved in numerous charitable events. She has even shaved the hair of the nonprofit organization “St. She also worked in her role at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The foundation’s goal is to raise money to aid children with cancer.

Religion Tana Changed to Mormonism

When Tana came across Flowers, She secretly went through The Book of Mormon without letting Flowers know. Brendon’s sister was the only one to know about the book. However, when Flowers returned home from an excursion, he realized that his former girlfriend was a convert to Mormonism.

In the last few years, Tana Mundkowsky has suffered from complex post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. The singer and songwriter Flowers has spoken with the radio station RadioX about his wife’s suffering. Flowers revealed that he had once canceled his solo concert in August 2015 because his wife was considering suicide.

He said Q magazine,


Flowers also stated that the pair went through a “terrible” experience. The singer also dedicated the song “Some Kind of Love” to honor his wife.

He wrote to Rolling Stone magazine,

“It’s been a major part of our lives in the past few years. In the final part of the song, me and my sons sing, “I’m not alone/we have to be together/there’s lots to see/and we believe you’re resilient. It’s incredibly emotional. I sang it to her, and she was crying. But I’m delighted with the song.”

Tana Mundkowsky Net Worth

Unfortunately, the precise amount of Tan Mundkowski’s fortune hasn’t yet been calculated. Brendon’s fortune as her husband is estimated at around $25 million. He earns the majority of his income through his music business.


Are you following Tana Mundkowsky on Instagram?

It’s true; Tana Mundkowsky is also active on Instagram and has over 5000 followers. But she’s kept her account details secret from her. She also has an account on Twitter.

Facts About Tana Munkowsky

Full Name:Tana Mundkowsky
Profession:School Teacher
Country:United States
Height:5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)
Husband NameBrandon Flowers
MarriedBrandon Flowers In 2005
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBlonde
Kids NameAmmon, Gunnar, and Henry Flowers

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