Rachel Jeffs Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Bio & Wiki

Rachel Jeffs is a writer from the US. She used to be in a group that separated from the regular Mormon Church called FLDS, where some men have more than one wife. Her dad, Warren Jeffs, led this group and is now in jail for hurting children and other nasty things.

Rachel Jeffs wrote a book called “Breaking Free” sharing her harrowing childhood in FLDS, the pain from her dad, and how she left the group with her five kids.

Rachel Jeffs Biography / Wiki

Meet Rachel Jeffs, a writer born in 1983 in the vibrant city of Salt Lake City. Fondly known as Rachel, she has significantly contributed to the literary world. As a Caucasian white American, Rachel shares her story and experiences through her profession. She is the author of the book titled “Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs,” published in 2017. In addition to her writing endeavors, Rachel follows the Christian faith, a source of inspiration and guidance in her life. Through her work and personal journey, Rachel Jeffs offers a compelling narrative that sheds light on her escape from the FLDS cult and her courageous path towards freedom.

Rachel Jeffs Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Net Worth, Bio & Wiki
Real Name:Rachel Jeffs
Nick Name:Rachel
Age (as of 2024):41 years old
Date of Birth:1983
Place of Birth:Salt Lake City, Utah
Hometown:Idaho, United States
Zodiac Sign:Unknown
Ethnicity:Caucasian white
School / College:Local High School
Hobbies:Traveling & Reading
Known as:Author of Breaking Free

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Early Life & Family

Rachel Jeffs was born in 1983 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is one of many children from her father, Warren Jeffs, and his second wife, Gloria Barlow. Rachel has about 47 siblings and half-siblings from her father’s multiple marriages totaling more than 50. Warren Jeffs took over as the leader of the FLDS after his father, Rulon Jeffs, in 1986.

The FLDS is a strict group that follows polygamy, having multiple spouses, as part of their faith. They also believe in “blood atonement,” the idea that certain sins can only be forgiven through a person’s bloodshed.

Rachel had a strict upbringing in a secluded world. She got a primary education and was expected to obey her father and future husband, who he had chosen. She was also taught to dress conservatively, avoid outsiders, and prepare for the world’s end.

Rachel suffered sexual abuse from her father from a young age. She found out he had also abused some of her sisters. Fearful of her father, who said he spoke for God, she faced threats of eternal punishment if she spoke out or disobeyed him.

Rachel Jeffs Husband

At 18, Rachel married Richard Steed Allred, a 25-year-old man with two wives. She met him for the first time on their wedding day, which her father had set up.

She lived with Richard and his jealous wives. At 19, she had her first child, a son, in 2003. Over the years, she had three daughters and another son.

Rachel felt sad and alone in her loveless marriage. She felt stuck and controlled by the FLDS, with no freedom for friends or personal choices. She had to give 10% of her income to the church and worked as a teacher at the church school, teaching third graders.

Rachel Jeffs lost her mother to breast cancer when the church refused her medical care. This was heartbreaking for Rachel as her mother was the only one who showed her love and support. She also missed her siblings, who lived in various FLDS communities. She later got married to Brandon Blackmore in 2017.

Rachel Jeffs Age, Height & More

Rachel Jeffs is 41 years old in 2024. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 54 kilograms. She has striking brown eyes and lovely light brown hair. Rachel wears a shoe size 6 (US), and her body measurements are 34-25-35

Age:41 years old
Height:5 feet 6 inches
Weight:54 kg
Eyes color:Brown
Hair color:Light Brown
Shoe size:6 (US)
Body Measurements;34-25-35

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Rachel Jeffs wrote a book called “Breaking Free: How I Escaped Polygamy, the FLDS Cult, and My Father, Warren Jeffs,” which tells her story. It talks about her tough life in the FLDS, the mistreatment from her father, and how she found freedom and peace.

“Breaking Free” received great feedback for Rachel Jeffs’s bravery and honesty. It became a hit and inspired others who faced similar hardships. Rachel bravely spoke up against her father and the FLDS in various media, shedding light on the cult’s hidden wrongdoings and supporting its victims.

She has backed law enforcement and social services in helping those still in the FLDS, expressing hope for her father’s change. Rachel Jeffs has found solace in her faith and forgiveness, identifying as a Christian and believing in God’s love. She has forgiven her father and the FLDS but does not support their actions.

Rachel Jeffs has patched things up with some of her siblings who left or were excommunicated from the FLDS by their father. She also stays in touch with some of her former sister’s wives who remain in the FLDS.

Rachel Jeffs’s Net Worth

Rachel Jeffe has an estimated net worth of around $650k as of 2024.


  • She is the daughter of Warren Jeffs, leader of a polygamous cult.
  • She has endured abuse, forced marriage, and exile from the community.
  • She escaped FLDS with five children and rebuilt her life.
  • She has the memoir “Breaking Free” to reveal the truth.
  • She is Married to Brandon Blackmore in Idaho.
  • She is active as an activist and speaker for FLDS victims.
  • She has over 38.5k followers on Instagram.


Who is Rachel Jeffs?

She is a writer from the US and the daughter of Warren Jeffs.

How old is Rachel Jeffs?

She is 41 years old as of 2024.

What is Rachel Jeffs’ net worth?

Her estimated net worth is around $650k.


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