Natasha Culzac Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Bio & Wiki

Natasha Culzac is a fast-rising talent in entertainment, having graced the screens of hit TV shows like The Witcher, Halo, Cursed, and Men in Black: International. Beyond her acting prowess, she brings a journalist’s precision and an advocate’s zeal to her work.

Natasha Culzac Biography / Wiki

Natasha Culzac is a cool actress. She was born on August 21, 1986, in Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom. She is a Leo by Zodiac sign. Natasha is from Britain and has a mix of Caribbean and English backgrounds. She believes in Christianity and attends the City University of London.

Natasha Culzac Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Bio & Wiki
Real Name:Natasha Culzac
Nick Name:Natasha
Profession:Actress & journalist
Age (as of 2023):37 years old
Date of Birth:August 21, 1986
Place of Birth:Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Hometown:Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign:Leo
School / College:City University of London
Known as:Portrait Uriel in The Strangers 2019

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Early Life & Family

Natasha Culzac’s family is like a beautiful mix of different cultures. Her dad comes from a sunny island called St Vincent and the Grenadines, while her mom is from East London. She also has an awesome brother named Alex and a lovely sister.

Natasha had a fun childhood in Hastings and went to a school there. She really liked writing about news, so she learned all about it at City University of London and got a cool degree in Journalism. She also tried acting for fun but didn’t consider it a big job back then.

Natasha Culzac Age, Height & More

Natasha Culzac is 37 years old as of 2023. She is not just a talented actress; she’s also unique in her physical features. She is tall at 6 feet 1 inch and has a commanding presence, towering at 185 centimeters. Weighing 62 kilograms, Natasha maintains a healthy balance of 136 pounds.

Her brown eyes and light brown skin color add warmth to her overall appearance. Natasha’s distinctive body measurements of 34B-26-36 inches (80-66-82 cm) highlight her graceful figure. Adding a splash of boldness, her hair flaunts a vibrant red color, making her stand out in the crowd.

Age:37 years old
Height:6 feet 1 inches
Weight:62 kg
Eyes color:Brown
Hair color:Red
Shoe size:9 (US)
Body Measurements;34B-26-36

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Natasha Culzac Boyfriend

Natasha Culzac likes to keep her personal life private. She doesn’t talk a lot about her family, friends, or who she likes romantically. She keeps her work and her personal life separate and focuses on what she loves to do.

Some people have said that Natasha Culzac doesn’t have a boyfriend right now and is focusing on her work. She has mentioned that she’s happy with her life and doesn’t feel like she needs a boyfriend.

Natasha likes to share fun stuff on Instagram and has lots of followers. She posts about her work, travels, and things she cares about. She also talks with her fans and supports causes like helping animals and protecting the environment.


After finishing school, Natasha became a journalist and reported news on important topics like politics and culture. She also wrote stories about social issues to help people understand them better. Natasha liked her job because she got to meet new people and share their stories with others.

Natasha had a tough time as a journalist. She had to work under pressure and sometimes in difficult or unsafe places. She also felt sad about what was happening in the world and how things were reported in the news.

Natasha always enjoyed acting but didn’t think she could make a living out of it. She did it more for fun and charity. But when she turned 30, Natasha decided to become an actress and moved to London to make her dreams come true.

Filmy career

In 2017, Natasha Culzac started acting by appearing in Denai Moore: Trickle. After that, she appeared in short films like Dreams, Sam, Good Grief, and Killer Strippers. She also had roles in TV shows such as London Kills, A Christmas Carol, and The Strangers.

In 2019, Natasha had her big break when she played Toruviel, a rebellious elf, in the popular Netflix fantasy series The Witcher, based on well-known books and video games. Her performance was widely praised, and she gained many fans who admired her talent and charm.

Natasha Culzac continued her success by starring in various TV shows and movies, including Men in Black: International, Cursed, Secret Heart, and The Following Events Are Based on a Pack of Lies. Her biggest role yet was as Riz-028, a super-soldier in the sci-fi series Halo, based on the popular video game franchise. The show premiered in 2022 to positive reviews and ratings, where Natasha impressed viewers with her action skills and chemistry with her co-stars.

She is a great actress who can play many different characters. She always works hard and wants to get better at acting. Other actors and people in the movie industry really like and respect her, and her fans love and support her a lot!

Natasha Culzac’s Net Worth

Natasha Culzac has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024. She earns mostly from her acting career. 


  • Her notable role was Uriel in the 2019 movie The Strangers.
  • The Strangers is a 2019 British action thriller about strangers at a secluded mansion.
  • She has over 25.5k followers on her Instagram account. 
  • She is an actress and journalist hailing from the UK.


Who is Natasha Culzac?

She is an actress and journalist from the United Kingdom.

How tall is Natasha Culzac?

She is 6 feet 1 inches tall.

What is Natasha Culzac’s net worth?

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2024.


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