Heath Cordes Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Bio & Wiki

Heath Cordes is a stand-up comedian born in 2002. He rose to fame after wowing audiences on the comedy program Kill Tony. Despite looking younger due to a growth hormone deficiency, his unique style and talent have garnered him attention. Let’s explore his life, comedy journey, family life, health condition, wealth, and more.

Heath Cordes Biography / Wiki

Heath Cordes was born in 2002 in Arab, Alabama, USA. He grew up in Cullman, Alabama, as an American of White descent. His Zodiac sign is undisclosed, and he practices Christianity. Pursuing a career in comedy, he captivates audiences with his humor. Hailing from the southern US, Heath Cordes has carved out a niche in comedy with his distinctive flair and wit.

Heath Cordes Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Bio & Wiki
Real Name:Heath Cordes
Nick Name:Heath
Profession:Stand-up comedian
Age (as of 2024):22 years old
Date of Birth:2002
Place of Birth:Arab, Alabama, USA
Hometown:Cullman, Alabama, USA
Zodiac Sign:Not Known
School / College:Local High School
Known as:Stand-up comedian

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Early Life & Family

Heath was born to an American parent in Arab, Alabama, USA, and spent his childhood in Cullman. While keeping details about his family private, he has acknowledged their encouragement of his comedic aspirations. Although he finished high school, information about his college background remains undisclosed.

Heath has a strong bond with his family, especially his mother, whom he considers his closest companion. He shares glimpses of family moments on social media, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support and love. While keeping details about their identities private, he mentions their pride in his accomplishments and joy in his triumphs.

Heath has formed friendships with fellow comedians, particularly those he connected with through Kill Tony. He enjoys spending time with them and engaging in collaborations on different endeavors. He values these relationships within the comedy community by showing admiration for his mentor and friend, Tony Hinchcliffe, and his hero and inspiration, Joe Rogan.

Heath Cordes Girlfriend

Heath is single as of February 2024, suggesting hints at prior romantic encounters. He playfully mentions his dating quirks and dilemmas but hasn’t shared details about past or present relationships. Cordes remains hopeful about finding love in the future.

Heath Cordes Age, Height & More

Heath has a rare condition called growth hormone deficiency, causing limited growth. As a result, he appears much younger than his actual age of 22, with a short stature, youthful face, and high-pitched voice. Heath is 5 feet tall and weighs about 48 kg. He has grey eyes and blonde hair. He also bears a tattoo on his arm reading “No half measures.”

Heath Cordes uses his unique traits to make people laugh. He jokes about how he looks, his age, being short, and dating in a funny way. He is happy and sure of himself when discussing his thoughts and feelings. Even though he’s successful, he stays kind, humble and thankful for the chances he gets.

Age:22 years old
Height:5 feet
Weight:48 kg
Eyes color:Grey
Hair color:Blonde
Shoe size:4.5 (US)
Body Measurements;update soon

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Cordes began doing comedy just a few years back. It all started when he cracked his first joke on the stage on October 11, 2021. He celebrated this moment by sharing it on Instagram, sharing funny bits from his shows and updates about his performances. In his first year of comedy, he mostly did shows at coffee shops. Since the nearest coffee shop was an hour away, he could only do one open mic weekly.

But he didn’t let this hold him back from improving and becoming known in the comedy world. He began to travel to different cities to perform at comedy clubs. He relocated to Austin, Texas, to pursue his dream wholeheartedly. This decision came after receiving a callback from Joe Rogan’s comedy club, Comedy Mothership.

He joined Kill Tony, a famous live podcast and comedy show where comedians perform for a minute and get feedback. After signing up at least four times, he got the chance to perform on November 15, 2021. His funny performance won the audience and hosts over, earning him a golden ticket to perform anytime. Tony called him “The greatest bucket pull of all-time”. This show became his most-watched performance, with over 260,000 views on YouTube.

After that, he performed on Kill Tony and other funny shows like The Secret Show and The Vulcan Gas Company. He also showed up as a guest on podcasts like Brother in Cursive and Jeremiah Wonders. He shared the stage with prominent comedians such as Ryan Sickler, Yannis Pappas, Brian Redban, and Joe Rogan. Fans and comedians love his humor, talent, and bravery.

Heath Cordes’s Net Worth

Heath Cordes has an estimated net worth of around $150,000 from making people laugh. He gets paid for telling jokes at clubs and shows, but how much he makes changes. He also gets money from his funny videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, where many people follow him. Heath even sells cool stuff like t-shirts and stickers on his website.

Heath Cordes is a rising comedy star. People like him and think he’s going to do great things. Critics and other comedians say nice things about him. Heath feels super happy and thankful for his job and all the fun stuff coming his way. He loves making people laugh and hopes to inspire them with his jokes and journey.


  • Heath is a 22-year-old comedian with a growth hormone issue.
  • He shined on Kill Tony and was dubbed “The greatest bucket pull of all.”
  • A regular performer at places like Comedy Mothership and The Secret Show.
  • Active on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, sharing comedy and life updates.
  • Net worth is $150,000 as of 2024.
  • He is single but hopeful about finding love one day.
  • He has a close bond with his mom and calls her his best friend.
  • He is a talented, funny, brave guy who conquered challenges to chase his dreams.


Who is Heath Cordes?

He is a stand-up comedian born in 2002 in Arab, Alabama, USA.

How old is Heath Cordes?

He is 22 years old as of 2024 and looks younger than his age due to growth hormone deficiency.

What is Heath Cordes’ net worth?

His estimated net worth is around $150,000 as of 2024.


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