Elizabeth Tabish Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Bio & Wiki

Elizabeth Tabish was born on May 26, 1986, in Austin, Texas, United States. She is a talented American actress and filmmaker from Texas who became really famous for The Chosen and Honor Among Thieves. The Chosen is a special TV show about Jesus, and Tabish’s acting as Mary has impressed a lot of people, making her really popular. Let’s find Elizabeth Tabish’s Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Wiki & Bio.

Elizabeth Tabish Age, Height, Net Worth, Husband, Bio & Wiki

Elizabeth Tabish Biography / Wiki

Elizabeth was born on May 26, 1986, in Austin, Texas, into an American family. Her ethnicity is mixed, and she practices the Christian faith. She was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Elizabeth attended Oklahoma State University and got her Master of Arts in Theater and Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. She really loves Jesus, and her faith is very important to her. She prays, reads the Bible, and goes to church a lot. Elizabeth believes in using her acting to show God’s love and help others. She feels honored to play Mary Magdalene and wants to share stories about Jesus with everyone.

Real Name:Elizabeth Tabish
Nick Name:Liz Tabish
Profession:Actress & Filmmaker
Age (as of 2024)38 year old
Date of Birth:May 26, 1986
Place of Birth:Austin, Texas, USA
Hometown:Austin, Texas, USA
Zodiac Sign:Gemini
School / College:Oklahoma State University (Bachelor of arts in film studies)
Known as:Actress

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Early Life & Parents

Elizabeth Tabish grew up with her mom and dad, Jeff and Lisa Tabish, and her brother, Jesse Tabish. Her brother is the lead singer of a cool band called Other Lives. From a young age, Elizabeth loved acting and making movies. She used to be in lots of plays and dramas when she was in school.

Tabish studies from Oklahoma State University about movies and plays. She learned a lot of different things, like acting, directing, and making movies. She became really good at it and even made some cool movies of her own.

Elizabeth Tabish’s Husband

Elizabeth Tabish is married to Stan Mayer. He used to be a soldier and wrote stories for plays. They met in a big city and got married not too long ago. Now, they live in a place called Texas and work together to make really cool plays that make people think and feel things. They even made plays about some of the things Stan saw when he was a soldier.

She believes in God and takes her faith very seriously. She reads the Bible, prays, and goes to church often. She thinks it’s important to show her love for God in everything she does, including her acting. She feels thankful for the chance to play a special role and hopes that it can help tell people about Jesus’ love.

Elizabeth Tabish Age, Height & More

Elizabeth Tabish is 38 years old as of 2024. According to IMDB, she is around 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 60 kg. Elizabeth has hazel eyes and dark brown hair. She wears a shoe size 7 (U.S.), and her body measurements are 34-26-34.

Age:38 years old
Height:5 feet 6 inches
Weight:65 kg
Eyes color:Hazel
Hair color:Dark Brown
Shoe size:7 (US)
Body Measurements;34-26-34


After graduating from college, Elizabeth Tabish pursued her passion for acting and filmmaking in the bustling city of Los Angeles. In her acting career, she made appearances in a variety of projects ranging from commercials to independent features. Some of these works include The Lemon Tree, A Moment of Your Time, and Grunt Style: Assaulting Flag, showcasing her versatility as an actress. Additionally, Elizabeth ventured into directing and co-producing award-winning short films that artfully explore female archetypes, such as The Lizard’s Tail and Cecilia, further establishing herself as a multifaceted creative talent in the film industry.

She helped start a company called Maenad Productions that makes movies about strong girls and women. She also helps run the Austin Arthouse Film Festival, a special event where people can see all kinds of creative and different films from different places.

Tabish’s big break happened in 2019 when she was chosen to play a character named Mary Magdalene in a series called The Chosen. This series tells stories about Jesus and his followers from a new perspective. She got the role by auditioning after seeing a notice on Facebook, and she impressed the creator and director of the series with her audition tape. In the first episode, viewers were introduced to her character as a troubled woman who Jesus healed.

Many people loved the way Elizabeth Tabish showed Mary Magdalene changing from being unhappy to being full of hope and love. They said she was very real and powerful in her acting. She even won a special award for her great performance at a film festival in 2020.

Rose to Fame Role

Playing Mary Magdalene meant a lot to Elizabeth Tabish. It helped her grow as a person and as an actress. She has talked about how she faced tough times before she got the role and how it made her feel uncertain about her future. She also shared that she had a hard time when she was young, and it affected how she felt about herself.

In the movie The Shift, Elizabeth Tabish acted as Molly Garner. She is Kevin Garner’s wife, and she’s very brave and loyal. She believes in God and thinks that everything has a purpose. Tabish did a great job as Molly Garner, and people loved her acting with Kristoffer Polaha, who played Kevin Garner. She had fun working on the movie and thought the story was meaningful. She also learned a lot from her co-stars Neal McDonough and Sean Astin.

The Shift is a movie that tells a story like that of Job from the Bible. It’s about things like faith, hope, love, and making choices. People worked together to make the movie happen through Angel Studios. It did really well at the movies and got good reviews from people who watched it.

Elizabeth Tabish’s Net Worth

Elizabeth has two jobs – she acts, and she makes films. Based on what she does and earns, she has an estimated net worth about $1.5 million. This comes mostly from acting. She might have around $3 million in 2-3 years, based on what we see now.

Elizabeth’s Social Media Journey

Elizabeth shares a lot on social media. She has 195k followers on her Instagram, and she has only 86 posts. Also, you can find her on Twitter as @liztabish, where she has 2.7K followers since starting in July 2020.


  • Her notable works are The Chosen, The Shift, The Lizard’s Tail, Cecilia, Musa Malvada, and The Darlings.
  • She got the best actress award at the International Christian Film and Music Festival in 2020.
  • She holds a master’s of arts in theater study.
  • She has over 195k followers on Instagram.


Who is Elizabeth Tabish?

She is an American actress and filmmaker.

How old is Elizabeth Tabish?

She will be 38 years old in 2024.

How tall is Elizabeth Tabish?

She is around 5 feet 6 inches tall.


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