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Alex Hormozi was born on August 18, 1982, is an American businessman, author, philanthropist and investor. His net worth is around $18 million. He started a thriving company known as He is among the most well-known entrepreneurs in the United States. Additionally, he founded several other businesses, including Gym Launch Prestige Labs, A.L.A.N and many more. If you look further, you’ll get more information about him, like his net worth and age, his wife’s height bio, wiki of his children and weight, family as well as his ethnicity, book parents, siblings and nationality.

Alex Hormozi Biography / Wiki

A member of an Iranian-American clan within America. United StatesAlex Hormozi‘s birth year was 1989. The exact date of his birth and zodiac sign are not available. The nickname he has is Alex. Regarding his education, he completed high school at the Gilman School in Maryland in 2008. During his time at school, the student was active in outdoor sports like tennis, soccer, etc.

Alex Hormozi Age

To pursue higher education, the student went to Vanderbilt University, where the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) diploma in Human & Organizational Development. He completed the three-year course in the year 2011. While in college, He was president of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and Vice-President of Vanderbilt Powerlifting.

Real NameAlex Hormozi
ProfessionEntrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and investor
Age41 [as of 2023]
Date of BirthAugust 18,1982
BirthplaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignNot known
ReligionNot known
CollegeVanderbilt University
Famous ForCo-founding numerous businesses

Alex Hormozi Wife, Family & Children

Alex Hormozi’s marriage status has been confirmed as married. Her name is Leila Hormozi. They were business partners for a while before becoming life partners. They were wed in April 2017 and have celebrated their fifth anniversary in the last few days. When Alex got to know her better, they all collaborated to make Alex’s first venture, Gym Launch, successful. She was appointed co-founder of Gym Launch in April 2016. She has since left the company and is currently the Managing Director of The couple is heavily involved in business activities constantly. Looking at the details about her children, she hasn’t had a baby yet. Therefore, he doesn’t have children at the moment.

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His ethnicity, mixed with his nationality, can be described as American according to nationality. There isn’t much info about his family members. However, it is widely believed that his dad was an Iranian. In addition, Alex has kept the details of his family members secret from the public.

Alex Hormozi Wife

Alex Hormozi is married, and his wife is Leila Hormozi, his business partner. Leila Hormozi has a number of partnerships with her husband. Alex Hormozi and Leila Hormoza married in 2017 after being friends for a few years. At first, they were beginning to work together on “Gym Launch”. Leila Hormozi shared on her Twitter the first time they met via Bumble, and from there, their relationship grew.

His coaching philosophy relies on the principle of accountability and taking action. He is adamant that his clients accept responsibility for their achievements and take action towards reaching their goals. He also stresses the importance of forming an effective team and creating positive attitudes within the company.

In addition to his role as a trainer at Gym Launch, Hormozi has also been a well-known author and speaker. He has given talks at many conferences and events to share his expertise and experiences with others. He also wrote various books, such as “The Gym Owner’s Handbook: How to Start and Grow an Enviable Fitness Business” and “The Health Business Blueprint: The Blueprint to Build and Grow an Efficacious Fitness Business.”

Alex Hormozi Height

Alex Hormozi’s height is estimated to be 5.9 feet high. Alex Hormozi is a highly successful business owner and entrepreneur. His coaching approach is built on the principles of accountability and action, and he has long-standing experience in assisting his clients in starting and building profitable companies in the fitness industry. He continues to share his experience and knowledge through writing and speaking.

Alex Hormozi Age, Height & Body Measurements

Alex Hormozi’s estimated age has been set at 41 at the time of 2023. He is 5 feet 9 inches, and his body weight is about 82 kilograms roughly. Alex has blonde hair and eyes that are brown. His body measurements aren’t available, but the size of his shoes can be described as 9.5 (US). When you look at his physique, it is clear that he is a fit person who is built well. He’s been to the gym throughout his fitness routine. In addition to staying active and healthy, he also treats his health.

Alex Hormozi Facebook

Alex Hormozi Social Media


Entrepreneur Career

Are you curious about what happened to Alex Hormozi, who became a millionaire in just a few years? Alex has been interested in fitness since an early age. As I mentioned earlier, he was the vice president of Vanderbilt Powerlifting. This alone is proof of the extent of a fitness enthusiast that he was. He was looking to open the gym of his choice in California. Before launching his gym venture, He worked as a manager consultant for an enterprise that was a boutique strategy. The position lasted about two years, right after graduating.

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Then, he decided to leave his job to begin his own company. He started his first company, United Fitness, in the year 2013. He was extremely hard-working and expanded the business to six locations within three years. However, he faced many challenges and was forced to sell all of them in 2016. He admitted selling the six locations for $300,000 in the Iced Coffee Hour podcast. That was when he decided to transform his life and founded the Gym Launch. Within the next two years, the company created more than 30 motor and brick businesses, making his gyms profitable.

Alex Hormozi Instagram

Social Media Career

After his new book “100 Million Offer” was released, Alex Hormozi began actively posting content on the internet. He wrote, “How to make offers so good people feel stupid saying no”. Ten years ago, the author believed creating content was just a wasted time. However, he realised the full potential of content and set up accounts on the major online social networks. In all social media platforms, his most affluent is TikTok. He shares short video clips, usually involving him talking about entrepreneurship-related stuff. Additionally, he uploads motivational videos too.

Some of his videos were viewed by millions on the app, which helped to build a following on the app. He has over 414k followers and 7.7 million likes total on TikTok. The next thing to discuss is the Instagram account. The content he shares on the photo-sharing site is similar to TikTok. However, he mixes it up by putting up tweets as well. As of now, he’s got more than 406k followers and followers.

The YouTube channel content of the channel is similar to other channels. However, the content is longer. In contrast to Instagram and TikTok, YouTube, his videos typically exceed 10 minutes in length. The most viewed long video is entitled “Watch this 55 minute video if your goal is to become a millionaire by 2022.” With more than 1 million views. Following the launch of YouTube Shorts, he began to upload the videos he uploaded on TikTok to his channel on YouTube, too. While they provide little financial gain, they draw in new viewers because they become viral quickly. When you look at the stats, this channel has attained more than 336k followers, with 33 million video views.

Alex Hormozi Books

Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur and business coach who regularly recommends books to his followers. Here are a few of the books he has recommended to his audience:

1. 100m offers: What to do to Create Offers that Make People Feel Stupid for not saying no,” written by Alex Hormozi. Written by Alex himself, the book gives tips for making attractive offers and dealing with objections.

2. Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Method to Persuade and Influence” from Robert Cialdini. A different book by Robert Cialdini is a study of how to master the art of persuasion as well as influence.

3. Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive” by Robert B. Cialdini, Steve J. Martin, and Noah J. Goldstein:** Co-authored by Robert Cialdini, this book provides 50 scientifically-backed strategies for persuasion and understanding how others try to persuade you.

4. Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson :

5. One for Many” written by Jason Fladlien :

6. Ready Take a Shot, written by Michael Masterson :

7. How to make Friends to Influence Others Written by Dale Carnegie :** A classic in personal growth This book gives helpful tips on communicating with people, influencers and establishing relationships.

8. Wooden about leadership “Written by John Wooden : Written by world-renowned Basketball trainer John Wooden, this book examines the qualities of leadership and the fundamentals that are essential for business owners.

9. The Bezos Letter: 14 Principles for Growing Your Business as Amazon” written by Steve Anderson and Karen Anderson :**

10. Influence written by Robert Cialdini :**

The book recommendations could change, and Alex Hormozi might have added new offerings since the last update. If you’re interested in his recommended reading list, be sure to check the official site, his social accounts, and his most recent interviews to get the most current suggestions.

Alex Hormozi Net Worth

As stated above, Alex Hormozi’s net worth is $18 million (estimated). He earns the bulk of his money through smart investment. He studies a growing business and invests a significant amount of cash in the company. Alex helps to grow the business by assisting in the acquisition of customers and the monetization. The business grows to new heights and also sells his stake if time permits. Many people don’t understand what the author says that he has scaled multiple businesses to more than $100 million. Simply because he has scaled an enterprise to hundreds of millions doesn’t mean that his net worth would be hundreds of millions.

There aren’t many people who’ve recently encountered Alex does not know that he is a well-known author. He has published two books, namely Gym Launch Secrets: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building A Massively Profitable Gym in addition to $100M Offerings: What to Create Offers That Are So Great and How to Make Offers that Make That People Are Stupid About Saying No. The first book was released in February of 2020 and can be found through Amazon Kindle as well. The book received a 4.7/5 score from 154 users.

His second book has made him a quite famous author. The book was released on July 13, 2021, and it’s priced at $24.84 for a hardcover edition on Amazon. The author discussed his entire entrepreneurial journey as well as how he made it to the top as a businessman. It was also a massive bestseller, as thousands of copies were sold. In actuality, it has been awarded a 4.9/5 rating from more than 7k reviews. In the course of selling the book, he has achieved millions in revenue.


  • He is a fitness fanatic.
  • He has been featured on a variety of podcasts, including the School of Greatness Radio Podcast created by Lewis Howes.
  • His most well-known departure was his sale of a company for licensing to a company worth $46 million.
  • He doesn’t have any children at the moment.
  • He doesn’t have any tattoos on his body.
  • Alex joined Twitter on July 20, 2021. He attracted more than 128k followers through 1.5k tweets.
  • He has over 22k followers, with more than 500 friends on Linkedin.
  • According to the information on his LinkedIn profile, the user lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • He is a dog lover.
  • His business email is collab[at]acquisition[dot]com.

FAQs About Alex Hormozi?

What was the method by which Alex Hormozi earned his income?

Alex Hormozi is a successful fitness entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $120 million. Alex Hormozi makes his money most of it from his businesses ” Gym Launch” and ” Acquisition.comwhere they provide guidance and support for fitness and gym owner professionals.

Who is Alex Hormozi’s wife?

Alex Hormozi’s wife is Leila Hormozi, who is his business partner.

How old is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi was born on August 18th, 1982. So his age is 41 now.

What is the height of Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi stands 5.9 feet tall.


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