Aaron Bushnell Age, Height, Family, Religion, Wife, Bio & Wiki

Aaron Bushnell, a US Air Force soldier, died in Washington, D.C., on February 25, 2024. He set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy to protest the Israel-Hamas war. He thought it was unfair to Palestinians and wanted to show his disagreement with the US government, media, and international support for the conflict.

Before he passed away, Aaron Bushnell shared his thoughts with the media, expressing his support for the Palestinian cause. He was known as a caring, intelligent person who enjoyed gaining knowledge and aiding others.

Aaron Bushnell Wikipedia / Biography

Aaron Bushnell, born in 1998 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, lived a varied life as a US Air Force soldier and a DevOps engineer. He studied at Barnstable High School, the University of Maryland Global Campus, and Southern New Hampshire University

His ethnicity and religion are uncertain. While some sources suggest he might have had Jewish roots because of his surname and his involvement in the Israel-Palestine conflict, there is no official confirmation from family or reliable sources.

Sadly, on February 26, 2024, in Washington, D.C., Aaron tragically ended his life through self-immolation. His story blends military service and tech success, with questions about his religion adding complexity. His legacy weaves together dedication to his work and country, leaving behind memories that touch those who knew him.

Aaron Bushnell Age, Height, Family, Religion, Wife, Bio & Wiki
Real Name:Aaron Bushnell
Nick Name:Aaron
Profession:US Air Force soldier
Age:26 years old
Date of Birth:1998
Place of Birth:Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Hometown:Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA
Zodiac Sign:not-known
School / College:Barnstable High School
University of Maryland Global Campus
Southern New Hampshire University

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Early Life & Family

Aaron Bushnell was born in 1998 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He grew up with his parents and two siblings. During his time at Barnstable High School, he participated in the chess club and robotics team.

He also had a passion for music, art, and video games. After graduating from high school in 2016, he went on to study software engineering at the University of Maryland Global Campus.

He was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Growing up with his parents and two siblings there. In May 2020, he joined the US Air Force and served in San Antonio, Texas. Aaron has a Massachusetts driver’s license. 

Aaron Bushnell Wife

There is no information about Aaron Bushnell’s spouse or children. Online searches show he was not married, and information about any romantic relationships remains undisclosed.

In San Antonio, Texas, he lived with his cat Luna while working as a DevOps engineer for the US Air Force. Described as kind, gentle, silly, and smart by family and friends, he enjoyed learning and assisting others.

Aaron Bushnell Age, Height & More

Aaron Bushnell, who is 26 years old, is tall at 6 feet with green eyes and bronze hair. He weighs 80 kilograms and has a strong body. His appearance gives him a unique and stylish look, making him stand out.

Age:26 years old
Height:6 feet
Weight:80 kg
Eyes color:Green
Hair color:Bronze
Shoe size:10 (US)

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In May 2020, Aaron Bushnell joined the US Air Force. After training as a client systems technician focusing on cybersecurity, he became a DevOps engineer. This role involved creating and looking after software for the Air Force. He lived in San Antonio, Texas, with his cat, Luna.

His loved ones saw him as a caring, fun, clever person with a love for learning and aiding others. He strongly supported social fairness and human rights. His heart went out to the disadvantaged and oppressed globally, especially showing concern for the struggles of the Palestinian people enduring years of hardship under Israeli control.

He showed support for Palestinian people online by sharing news and donating to help them through groups like the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Reason Behind He set himself on fire

Aaron Bushnell planned to do something very serious where he hurt himself on purpose. This wasn’t something he decided quickly; he thought about it a lot beforehand. He made a plan for what would happen to his things, his pet cat, and his funeral. Bushnell even told the news why he was going to do this extreme thing.

He wrote that I am doing this because I want to help the Palestinian people live freely and safely, just like everyone should. I believe they have the right to defend themselves against those who try to hurt them, no matter what it takes.

Aaron Bushnell Statements to Media

He said that I am doing this because I think the Palestinian people should be able to choose their own future without anyone telling them what to do. I believe they should be able to go back to where their families came from, even if they were forced to leave. They need to ask for fairness and make sure that people who hurt them take responsibility for their actions.

I’m doing this so people notice that there’s a problem between Israel and Palestine that many haven’t paid enough attention to. My actions encourage others to speak out for Palestinians and show that they won’t be left behind. It’s important to let governments know that the Palestinian people matter, their fight is meaningful, and they won’t give up.

He said that I am doing this to show love for the Palestinian people and oppose the harm done to them. I believe in making a sacrifice for a better world where lives are saved, wars end, and peace prevails. I act against injustice because it’s wrong to stay silent. As a soldier for what’s right, I can’t support a government that goes against its beliefs. And as someone who stands up for justice, I can’t live in a world that hurts the innocent and shields the guilty. My name is Aaron Bushnell, and this is my last way of speaking out.”

Aaron Bushnell‘s Net Worth

Aaron Bushnell earned money while working in the military as a technician and engineer, but the exact amount he made is not known.

He is also studying how to make computer programs better at a university, which could help him earn more money in the future. But right now, people are paying more attention to what he did and not so much about how much money he has.


  • His video spread widely on social media, sparking varied reactions from millions.
  • His action led to emotions like admiration, sympathy, condemnation, and criticism.
  • It triggered debates on the Israel-Palestine conflict, US foreign policy, media ethics, protest morals, suicide psychology, and martyrdom meaning.
  • Bushnell’s act inspired people to join movements for peace in the Israel-Hamas war and resolution of the conflict.
  • Many started supporting Palestine through donations, education, advocacy, and boycotts.
  • It encouraged questioning of the status quo and demands for justice from authorities.


Who is Aaron Bushnell?

He was a US Air Force Soldier who set himself on fire to show his solidarity for the Philistines.

How old was Aaron Bushnell?

He was 26 years old.

What is the name of Aaron Bushnell’s wife?

His marital status is single.


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